About Us

Who We Are

Nouveau is a leading smart home company focusing on the global smart home market. By using the advantage of AI and IoT, Nouveau creates low cost high quality products in order to provide you and your family with a safe and comfortable home

Vision and Mission

In Nouveau, we believe that every single home will become a smart home. So, we dedicate our efforts on the product design and development. We have the most stable and reliable products line up in the smart home industry, by continuing improving our user experience, we create values and make significance for our customers on a global basis.


Nouveau is the first smart home brand in the market in South Korea, beyond that, we serve our large enterprise customers by adding our products into their real estate offers as a standard. We also engage collaborative projects with Samsung and SONY in the related segment, signing agreements with utility companies in the European countries in order to solve the growing energy issue in Europe. Now, Nouveau serves nearly 1 million customers over 30 countries, creating values for their everyday life.